Imperial United

IMPERIAL, the empire; this should be the place that everyone wants to own, give yourself the limitless freedom to do whatever you want, probably this is the tiny little dream of everyone, and to be honest, it is just a luxurious dream when we are still living in this city. But IMPERIAL UNITED share another belief, to build an empire for everyone by creating accessories like jewelry and leather goods. People can use this “key to imagination” to express their uniqueness on accessorize themselves like building an empire on their body that no one else can copy it. As for the design’s concept, our design team is affected by British pop culture and the Royal’s beauty, so IMPERIAL UNITED wanted to become a high-end, elegant brand for street fashion, let different kind of people can enjoy and having the empire they fully owned. IMPERIAL UNITED have three collections, which are Craftsmanship, Primitive and Aesthetic.

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