Luis Buchinho

Luis Buchinho, the brand that designates the designer namesake is on the market for 20 years. He is a constant presence since 1991 at Moda Lisboa, in Portugal Fashion since 1996 and in Paris Fashion Week since 2009. This course is punctuated by the designer´s creative evolution as a brand.

He began marketing his brand in 1992 in Portugal. Today he sells in 17 shops across the country, two of them of its own. Luis Buchinho participates in several trade shows such as Bread and Butter, Who´s Next and Gallery 2020 .
In 2007 he opened his first shop in Rua José Falcão 122, Porto and the second in 2012 in Esplanada do Castelo, also in Porto.

Throughout his career Luís Buchinho was honored with several awards such as Best Female Collection Moda Lisboa in 1999, in 2010  the  Fashion Award Portugal (Fashion TV) and  in 2012 the Globo de Ouro Portugal for Best Fashion Designer.
Luis Buchinho teaches Fashion Design since 2006 in the Professional Training Centre in Porto (Citex), currently named Modatex.

The designer is distinguished by his experience in knitwear, a current feature of the brand.The elaborate structures of traditional appearance and original, graphic details create an organic and feminine silhouette, between classicism and deconstruction. This aesthetic defines a cosmopolitan  look, aiming for the charismatic and  the authentic.

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