At VANMOOF we pursue one goal and one goal only: helping the ambitious city dweller to move around town faster, more confidently and in utmost style. Fuelled by passionate riders, an international design team and an engaged online community, we're all about breaking new ground in commuting, worldwide. It's that simple.

New York, Barcelona, Bangkok, Tokyo or Sydney – wherever you live and work, we want you to enjoy the convenience of commuting by bicycle. In VANMOOF's native city of Amsterdam, riding a bike to work is a normal part of the daily routine. We believe it can be so in every city around the world.

Governments are doing a lot to improve the infrastructure for bike commuters in pretty much every city across the globe. There’s still a long way to go, of course, but we believe we're part of a cycling revolution. At VANMOOF, we're driven – and ridden – by the smartest and most creative people, people who realise that commuting by bicycle is not only good for themselves. Together we believe that a little less car and a little more bicycle will benefit everyone.

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