BUBBLEPACK Playcase (Baby Pink)


$49.00 HKD $299.00 HKD

Baby Pink

TheBubblepacks is designed by an award-winning Korean design studio that produces innovative products value with consumers insight aiming at Tangible products without inTangible designs, optimizingåÊfunctionalityåÊandåÊusabilityåÊthrough integration of consumers needs, Lifestyle and high-Tech. From theBubblepacks which has simple design and high usability, experience a higher level of creativity and passion which sTands out above the rest of the crowd! Sold Exclusively at Konzepp in Hong Kong!

   - It is a bubble pack case dedicated for the iPhone 5. 
   - The bubble pack is not a phone case and is only designed for protection. 
      Its better grip and simple design results in greater customer satisfaction.
   - It not only preserves the iPhone 5’s original design but adds slots for credit cards. 
   - Its innovative sliding structure, which is more advanced than existing cover type products, can be used to 
      hold credit cards.
   - It provides a wide range of color choices.

   - Provides the iPhone 5 with the better grip of the iPhone 3
   - preserves the iPhone 5’s original design
   - Card slot to conveniently hold credit card s
   - Innovative slide system
   - Sliding type opening/closing method is adopted to ensure recognition of the RFID chip in a transportation 
     card when using the public transit.

   - Material : Polycarbonate
   - Size(mm) : W58 / D123.5 / h5
   - Weight : 0.69Oz. (19g)
   - Design : Designed by Ssongsdesign Inc.
   - Origin : Made in Korea

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