Designer: Pokketmixer

$999.00 HKD


Do you have great music on your MP3-Player?
Do your friends have cool music on their mobile phones?

You can be a DJ now wherever and whenever you want!
You have the party in your hand with the small and portable Pokketmixer.

Simply plug in two audio devices, connect it to your sound system
and the dance floor is ready!

Every device with a headset output can be plugged in i.e: MP3-Player, 
mobile phone, notebook, iPad, PC, personal CD player etc.

Then simply connect it to your sound system i.e. hi-fi system, 
ghetto blaster, docking station or car radio and your party can start immediately!

The Pokketmixer is the first and only DJ mixer running without batteries or electrical power.

Get Your Party Started – Everywhere.

Of course, your hi-fi system and loudspeakers do need a power supply. However, the Pokketmixer itself does not need a power source and therefore makes it a lot easier, more mobile and flexible.

  • Easy transport (small and light device, no batteries, no unnecessary multiple sockets and cables)
  • Easy and fast set-up.
  • Partying everywhere! For example with a ghetto blaster powered by batteries, while travelling, in the park, on the beach etc.
  • Also in the car, in a motor caravan or on a boat you can use the non-electric Pokketmixer without any problems

Check out the Pokket Mixer in action here!

Headphone signals
The Pokketmixer is built for headset signals. Headset outputs of devices are not standardized, therefore on the headset-output different devices also deliver different sound levels. Because the Pokketmixer is a passive device, the maximum sound level depends on the actual capacity of the original playing device.

 Important setting

Pokket Mixer advises you to adjust the music you want to play on maximum sound level (best to turn also potential presets on maximum).

Different devices have different sound intensity. In case you have two devices, which differ from each other extremely, then just turn the weaker device on maximum and adapt the stronger device to that sound level.

Mixing by using only one computer
People, who wish to mix with one PC or Notebook without using a second device, need to use a second soundcard, for example a small USB soundcard.Your computer should automatically recognize the USB soundcard. Then open a second player or some DJ-software on your computer and assign the second player to the USB soundcard.


L x B x H  ca. 109 mm x 78 mm x 28 mm

130 g without accessories

In- and outputs
2 x 3,5 mm stereo-input for headphone signals
1 x 3,5 mm stereo-output for hi-fi equipment
1 x 3,5 mm headphone connection

Control elements
HI/MID/LO - 3-line equalizer per channel
LISTEN LEFT/RIGHT - pre-listening left-right
MIXER - crossfader
MASTER - volume for hi-fi equipment
PHONE VOL - headphone-volume
EQ-SENS HI/LO - equalizer
HP ADJUST - headphone adjustment – see details FAQ

scope of delivery
•    transport bag
•    2x stereo cables approx. 35 cm (3,5 mm jack  plug on 3,5 mm jack plug)
•    warranty, instruction manual

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