Theme : Seoul ( lifestyle and merchandise of South Korea )

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When our creative team sat down to brainstorm our first concept theme, it was an immediate, unilateral decision to launch our shop with celebrating Seoul, Korea.  With all the attention on China these last years, the rest of the world has given little attention to the wonders of Seoul.  But the creative energy is vibrant and growing in the city, and those of us at Konzepp see Seoul in the next decade taking a leap and becoming the design & fashion capital of Asia.

Whilst on our buying trip to Seoul, we discovered exactly why Korea is well positioned to take the lead in Asia.

People:  Seoul is full of well dressed, style savvy and a sophisticated shopping market, a market that understands there is more to fashion than the overstated luxury brands and is supporting its younger designers.  Stores are vibrant, eclectic and focused on design.
Uniforms: The city is well positioned to be a fashion capital when the uniforms of its population are inspiring, from the supermarket staff to the department stores, these are some of the most well dressed workers in the world.  We were so inspired, we want to create Konzepp uniforms....
Beauty Craze:  It is estimated that 60% of Korean women get some sort of plastic surgery in their lifetime.  Shockingly high numbers, but the beauty craze generates some amazing beauty products for both women and men, all which have yet to be exported out of Korea.  Rumor has it, their products are some of the best in the world, and we look forward to our customer base sampling our selections
Food: We ate our way happily through Seoul, the food is sophisticated, healthy and beautifully displayed, always.
Atmosphere: Seoul has vibrant streets, cafes, and 24 hour shops, thousands and thousands of them.  We love Garosu-kil, Apgujeong, and Hongdae districts
Fashion/Design: A focus on well made products.  Strong construction and locally made fabrics.

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