Design Digest

Design Digest is a project that aims to create high quality interactions between art , architecture and design, creating objects with strong aesthetic and cultural value.Contemporary style stands out through the stainless steel 304, material with properties refined, which has its main use in the architectural field revisiting it designing fashion accessories preserving the noble qualities.

We always experiment a lot. We often combine things that seems opposite. It concerns the shapes, cuts, materials and styles.
It is a thorough study of the creative process in handicraft, technique and the cultural background from which these shapes are derived.
The essence of our approach is minimal but at the same time personal and emotional.
Over the time our collections have been a constant evolution, exploring the conflict between masculine and feminine by mixing materials and shape, always retaining an easy sensuality.
This accessories are deceptively simple at first glance, but their apparent simplicity does belie an underlying complexity.
Design Digest Trilogy Ring

Design Digest Trilogy Ring

Design Digest

$1,049.30 HKD
$1,499.00 HKD

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