“Dedicated to connoisseurs of glasses,
to those who recognise the quality of experience, to those who give importance to the expression of their own personality, to the authenticity of the shape that they wear. To those who surround themselves with real objects, products made with devotion. To those who believe that fashion isn’t a form of exhibition but an element of style and elegance.” 

Tradition, contemporaneity, craftsmanship and innovation are skillfully combined to give life to a unique product which wants to “rewrite” a catalogue of rediscovered, lost glasses with memories of beautiful, often forgotten shapes.

A veritable “conservatory” which reinterpretes, with a contemporary feel, models that are part of our collective memory and which pay homage to those who know how to make glasses into a model of elegance with their own “signature feature”.

Conservatoire International de Lunettes is a leading research group specializing in shapes and styles for anyone who is passionate about glasses.

Its aim is to build a repertoire of iconic shapes by looking into the archives of history and taking inspiration from this excellence.

High quality styles and shapes from the 1930s to the 1980s which give life to "handcrafted" products of the past.

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