More than 5000ft above sea level, on the main mountain range of Malaysia, is one of the most fertile agricultural spots in the country: Cameron Highlands.

Nicknamed ‘Malaysia’s Green Bowl’, the highlands possess all the right attributes of prime cropland - moderate temperatures, high altitude, abundant rainfall, long hours of sunshine and well-drained soil.

These features were not lost on J.A. Russell, an established businessman who owned substantial tin and rubber investments in Malaya during the early 1900s. A man of keen business acumen, J.A. noticed that the demand for high quality tea remained high even during slumps.

So in 1929, J.A. established Boh Tea Garden, the country’s first highland tea garden in Cameron Highlands. Today, BOH Plantations owns two more tea gardens in Cameron Highlands: Fairlie and Sungei Palas.

Tea is very much like wine; the conditions in which the crop is grown have great influence on its final character. BOH’s tea gardens, bringing together the ideal environmental conditions of Cameron Highlands and the precision of mechanised operations, yield a tea with superb characteristics – bright and brisk complemented by a delightful aroma.

BOH packs its own teas which are marketed in both domestic and international markets.

Today, BOH has the largest combined acreage of tea gardens in the country. The Company remains committed to the legacy left behind by J.A. Russell: to produce great-tasting distinctive teas for generations to come.



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