Safegg : Pasteurized Eggs

Fresh eggs are brimming with vitamins  A and D, iron , phosphorous, sulphur , and a range of the other minerals. An egg a day will keep youhealthy and full of energy . Health scares over recent years , including salmonella and avian flu , have put food safety at the forefront of people's minds Health conscious people in countries like the US , the UK ,Australia and Korea are now turning into choosing pasteurized shell eggs in their diet .

Patented Technology from Korea

The pasteurization process has , in the past , been used in foodstuffs such as milk or japanese sake , killing harmful bacteria without destroying the nutritional value or taste . In korea , this process is now also being applied to eggs, giving us "Pasteurized Shell Eggs".

Pasteurized Shell eggs use the lastest and advanced technologies in korea to treat bacteria at low temperatures, without the need for any chemicals, to get rid off of any traces of salmonella in egg whilst retaining their original nutritional value and flavour. The eggs are then coated with a protective layer mineral oil , ensuring that they do not become contaminated again .

Now everyone such as the young and the elderly, pregnant mothers and people with weak immune systems , can use eggs in their cooking with peace of mind .



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