Hypebeast - GALA Curios 2012 “DECADENCE”

GALA Curios 2012 “DECADENCE” accessories collection, come to explore the beauty of decay.

Translation in English:

GALA Curios is an Australian jewellery brand founded by female designer, Jasmine Noir. 'Decadence' is the brand's latest collection, inspired by the decay of the 1986 Ukraine Piliyate (Pripyat) Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.
The aftermath of the event meant clouds of radiation drifted to the Western Soviet, Europe, Scandinavia, British Isles and North America. WWhen compared, the release of radiation is 400 times bigger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and created extensive damage. The Cities fell into the dark, but out of this destruction rose a decadent aesthetic.
The designer, Noir, presents a unique beauty into the 'Decadence' series. Combining beautiful, eye-catching elements such as lapis blue square stones, acidic mustard and industrial concrete mixed with metals such as blackened silver, rose gold and copper. The designs have a dark feeling and juxtapose the harsh and decadent, but create a unique aesthetic.
The present "DECADENCE" series, including rings, ear cuffs, bracelets and broaches which can be used on the shirt collar tip, now on sale at Konzepp, priced from $ 882 to $ 2,200 HK.
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