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New arrivals! New arrivals! So gorgeous that we just can't take our eyes off them!

iPad Cases, iPhone Cases, MacBook Sleeves and Bags Handmade from Über Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather and 100% Wool Felt.

Hard Graft was officially founded in 2008 by monie.ka and James, based in London. They design Lifestyle and tech accessories including iPhone cases, iPad cases and laptop bags for a living and they are obsessed with every detail of every single product - each rivet, ribbon, material and shape. All the great designs are handmade by a family workshop in Italy and make sure your hard graft product will accompany you for years to come.

Back in 2006 they introduced the combination of wool and leather to the tech-accessories world. Juxtaposing high-end materials to create unique & cleverly thought through designs with unrivaled attention to detail and stellar craftsmanship.

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