Our Style Curator Juan-Carlos Aquino (Fashion Stylist)teamed up with Electricsekki for a style...

Our Style Curator Juan-Carlos Aquino (Fashion Stylist)teamed up with Electricsekki for a style Jam.

In our first male-only Style Jam, we had the pleasure of working with the very stylish and incredibly cool Juan-Carlos Aquino. As a buyer for concept store Konzepp and a freelance stylist, Carlo has a killer unique style of his own that really sets him apart from others in Hong Kong. Every time we see this guy, he’s always got something really special and interesting going on that we’ve rarely seen worn by his male peers. Carlo’s got a really specific eye for what he likes, what he wants and what suits him well. In this three-part Style Jam series, Carlo puts together a trio of looks from the showroom and tells us a little bit about his personal style ethos.


“My personal style and styling work, I think, is quite different. There’s always a bit of me in each shoot, regardless - I can’t really help it, it’s my signature - but, for my personal style, I can’t really go as crazy as what I would do for a shoot. You can go as creative and silly and stupid as you want in a photo shoot, actually, but the way that I do it is I always put myself in it. I have special pieces that I will wear occasionally, but that’s what keeps them special, I guess.”


“My favorite pieces were the ksubi printed tee and shorts—the combo together. I loved the tee and seeing the shorts today was awesome, so now I want to buy them both!”




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