CNN GO : 5 Best New Design Spaces in HK .

Hong Kong’s design scene has never enjoyed so much public attention, with popular events like Detour and Business of Design Week attracting ever greater crowds each year. Now designers are reaching out to the public in other ways too, by actually inviting them into their spaces.

Canadian-born Geoff Tsui has worked as a designer in Hong Kong for more than a decade, but he has always felt something was missing from the city’s design scene.


“Everything is so fast-paced, so commercial, that we wanted our own space, a cultural and communal space where people can work and just hang out,” he says. The result is Konzepp, formerly known as Hatch, which is a combination workspace, boutique, café, design incubator and party venue.

On the shelves is a rotating and sharply-curated collection of products from emerging designers — “almost like an exhibition,” says Tsui — and a collection of good design books and magazines. A large communal table is well-stocked with cookies and a rotating cast of friends and strangers who come to work and share ideas.

Basically, says Tsui, “it’s a space where you can just jam with us.”


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