Rody X Johanna Ho : Support JAPAN with fashion

How fashion support Japan? Japanese street fashion began emulate the western fashion in the beginning of 21st century. At present many styles of dress in Japan created from a mix and match. Local famous designer Johanna Ho crossover with Rody to launch a new collection and support Japan.

About Johanna Ho, her graduation show in Central Saint Martins in London was highlighted by the then London Times as one of the top new talents of the year.Soon after graduation, Johanna launched her own label. Her ready-to-wear line continues to be well-received internationally. In the past 4 years, Johanna focused primarily on the Japan market where she had 10 shops.

New Rody x Johanna Ho collection includes a line of mother and kids clothing, a matching tote bag, knitted accessories and last but not least, my a children’s book also designed by Johanna. Each special edition charity box set (only 100 pieces) in which the profits will be donated to the Red Cross for Japan tsunami disaster relief.




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