Senz Umbrellas

senz° was born out of pure frustration with traditional umbrellas. You’re probably very familiar with all of the well known umbrella struggles yourself: Umbrellas go inside-out, break, poke you in the eye, limit your visibility, don’t protect your back, etc. Today, some 3400 years after its invention in Egypt, the umbrellas is basically regarded as a necessary evil that everybody all over the world dislikes.

The story of senz° goes back to the fall of 2004, when a young and naïve Industrial Design Engineering student, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, experienced one week in which three of his umbrellas broke down. Being sick and tired of the massive amount of crappy umbrellas, he decided to devote his graduation project to designing the ultimate umbrella: One design that resolves all of those nasty umbrella frustrations.



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