Nocturnal Workshop: Creative Cyclewear

Great - White

Whether in Hong Kong or Vancouver, Beijing or London, creatives are cycling in cities in their droves. Vancouver based brand Nocturnal Workshop draws on the importance of safe fashionwear for cycling fans to create a range of fashionable yet functional accessories. Launched in 2013 by designer duo Zach Dabrowski and Tyler Froese after a friend was injured by an oncoming car while out cycling, Noctural Workshop was founded as Dabrowski and Froese looked to improve the nighttime visibility of accessories. A perfect choice for metropolitan types who carry their whole lives on their backs, each bag is designed to endure harsh elements, and includes the use of 3M reflective nylon in a range of colours. Currently in store at Konzepp and also online, take advantage of Konzepp’s summer sale to add a much needed safe and contemporary bag from Nocturnal Workshop.

Great - Black

Boreal - White

Boreal - Red

Barred - Black


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