LUXE City Guides: The Ultimate Go-to Guide

LUXE City Guides: The Ultimate Go-to Guide


It’s fair to say that LUXE City Guides have become the ultimate go-to guides for the stylish jetsetter. Beloved for their witty, highly opinionated tone of voice and highly researched travel info, LUXE City Guides have sold over 1.35 million copies sold worldwide and have recently unveilved their own travel guide app. Catering for the cultured, sophisticated traveler who wants to explore the trendiest hotspots in town, LUXE guides are pocket-sized packets full of shopping and walking tours, hotels, restaurants, spas, bars and boutiques. LUXE City Guides are currently in stock at Konzepp and online so whether you are exploring Asia’s must-see cities or getting to know your home town a better, LUXE is your definitive destination.








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