Linda Farrow: Fashion Forward Frames

LF1007 Linda Farrow 3.1 Phillip Lim 11 C2 Sunglasses Tiger Eye_2_800x800

Since the 1970s, Linda Farrow has dominated the luxury eyewear game. The British sunglasses brand rose to shade supremacy by pioneering some of the most endearing specs silhouettes, and 40 years Linda Farrow continues to create objects of desire that mold and celebrate luxury with innovation. Renowned for contemporary collaborations with some of the most exciting designers around such as Dries van Noten, Phillip Lim and Kris van Assche, Linda Farrow also champions its own heritage with an extensive vintage line of over 2000 original designs from the 70s and 80s. Currently in store at Konzepp and also online, look to Linda Farrow for blatant luxury and bold designs.


lf1006-3.1 phillip lim 18-navy and blue stripe mirror lens_800x800

LF3004 Linda Farrow Boris Bidjan Saberi 2 C2 Sunglasses_1_800x800LF2001 Linda Farrow Kris Van Assche 9 C4 Sunglasses Clear and Silver_1_800x800

LF2005 Linda Farrow Kris Van Assche 13 C11 Optical Frame White_1_800x800

LF4003 Linda Farrow Erdem 5 C5 Sunglasses White_1_800x800

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