Gentleman’s Brand Co: skincare fit for a gentleman

250ml Daily Moisturiser - Alternate

Gentleman’s Brand Co – the name says it all really. A no fuss yet premium skincare brand hailing from Australia, Gentleman’s Brand Co places natural ingredients at the heart of its skincare products. Bush botanicals, natural ingredients and premium plant-based extracts are found in each product, in a true celebration of Australia’s rich and luscious landscape. You won’t find harsh chemicals in the brand’s lotions either, the whole range is free of parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours. Taking a no fuss approach to skincare, the brand makes products that can be used by all men with all skin types, and its no fuss packaging means the bottles can take pride of place in any bathroom. Currently in stock at Konzepp’s stores and also online, be kind to your skin this summer and treat it to Gentleman’s Brand Co.

250ml Face Wash - Alternate

250ml Body Wash - Alternate

Daily Regime 3 Pack - Alternate

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