FACA: An International Affair

Faca konzepp special  white 3



Shirt and accessories brand FACA was launched in Miami in 2007 and is named after the Croatian slang word faca used to describe people who live life according to their own rules – perfectly fitting for a Konzepp customer. FACA’s collections include designer dress shirts and accessories such as bracelets, cufflinks and eyewear. FACA’s bracelets are made of semi-precious stone beads, high grade leather and suede, stainless steel and 925 silver. Each bracelet is hand crafted, hand painted and hand polished. Our recently released FACA x Konzepp limited edition snow stingray leather bracelet uses distinctive stingray leather with an eye-catching shine, matched with a lion head clasp and as part of this exclusive collaboration only 20 bracelets were designed. FACA’s accessories are perfect for the modern men and are currently in stock at in store as well as online. So upgrade your wrist game with FACA and head on down to Konzepp!

gold blk with red (Custom konzepp)

Safari Brown Bolo 2

fish hook black 1

FACA bracelet crystal agate front (Medium)FACA bracelet blue vol back (Medium)

Two Tone Chambray 4

Tulip 1





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