Chrome & Chase: Luxe Loungewear

Jacki Grey 4Understated, luxe leisurewear is Chrome & Chase‘s signature aesthetic. Founded by Hong Kong born, Canadian educated entrepreneur Jason Chan, Chrome & Chase is at the forefront of Hong Kong’s homegrown menswear market. With collaborations with brands such as Lamborghini under his belt, and currently stocked in leading multi-brand boutiques including Konzepp and Dahood, Chan’s brand is becoming renowned for a high-attention to detail yet urban luxury look. Each hoodie is inspired by and named after creative personalities which Chrome & Chase has worked with; the Jin hoodie is named after rapper MC Jin, the Erik hoodie pays homage to rooftopper Erik Biedron and the Billy hoodie is named after creative entrepreneur Billy Pang. In stock at Konzepp and also online, simplistic doesn’t have to mean simple thanks to Chrome & Chase.

Erik (Grey_d)




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