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Mad Men fans can finally rejoice; the final season of the award-winning show has returned to our screens. So what better way to add a dash of Don Draper to your wardrobe than with the elegant Drive Mark-01 series of timepieces from BHO Design? Founded in 2013 by Hong Kong-born, Sydney-based designer Billy Ho, BHO Design has launched a series of limited edition timepieces inspired by high-end automobile design. Designed for the modern man who yearns for the simplicity of times gone by, each design is strikingly simple yet flawlessly functional. So a la Draper, take your wrist wardrobe to the next gear and drive effortlessly and stylishly into the Spring with HBO Design. HBO Design’s timepieces are currently in store at Konzepp and online.






DRIVE_MARK-01 (12)

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