Bergnerschmidt: Concrete Trinkets

205 House Cuff

“Do not confuse the simple with the simplistic” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once proclaimed and this telling phrase is at the heart of bergnerschmidt. A German jewellery brand, bergnerschmidt was founded in 2009 by two Berlin fashion design graduates Lily Bergner and Elisabeth Schmidt. Concrete pieces reflect the brand’s cool and clean aesthetic, and the duo’s designs strive to embody and reflect their brand identity of less is more. These Bauhaus-inspired jewellery pieces are experimental yet wearable, all items are handmade and the label offers cuffs, rings, necklaces, and brooches all made out of white, black and grey concrete. So when you need to pack a punch, head to Konzepp’s store or online to seek out bergnerschmidt’s geometric granite goodies.

123 Double Flat Ring

201 Round Cuff

110 Two Cubist Ring

115 Four Level Ring

106 Cubist Ring

102 Pyramid Ring

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