Alfred Lane: Embodying the Modern Man


Alfred Lane‘s scents embody the modern man. A retro range of solid colognes housed in vintage packaging, these colognes are perfect for the man on the go who needs an aroma pick me up. Handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois with suppliers sourced across the U.S.A., this small business puts creative talent and creative craftsmanship at the heart of the brand. All of the scents use natural ingredients and oils moisturising the skin and each cologne is named after the feeling the Alfred Lane man gets after using it – Bravado is all about swagger, perfect for an after-works drinks party. To apply the scent, just swirl a finger in the cologne and apply to pulse points such as the wrist or behind the ear and neck. These small tins of scent also make great gifts and are currently in stock at Konzepp and online.


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