About Us

idea incubation

We have ways to solve problems in unique, unconventional angles. Helping brands & talents realize their concepts, from conceptualizing to executing, and communicating. Konzepp aims to be there right from the start with you, to help inject concepts with momentum and clarity.  


concept shop

Konzeppdesign+ lifestyle+ engage+ inspire+  focusing on designed lifestyle objects and developing a platform for artist, brands, designers, or anyone with a creative spark, to collaborate and cross pollinate ideas and concepts. The concept is to facilitate more input from every faucet and mix things up for unconventional outcomes. check out some of the limited edition collaboration items here.


how we do it

Concept of Konzepp: Conceptualize -> Collaborate -> Create -> Curate -> Chill -> Continue & Repeat -> and of course, infused with a bit of Konzepp Creative Flare Magic! :)