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A group of mothers living in Hong Kong - Mio Debnam (the author), Tania Willis (the illustrator) and Dania Shawwa Abuali (the publisher at Haven Books) - started kidsGo! to pass along the best, most interesting recommendations for a typical week-long family vacation in a variety of popular destinations.


How can kidsGo! help you with your travels?

You can use kidsGo! in three stages as soon as you have decided on your destination:

BEFORE your trip, you can look up interesting facts about your destination on the kidsGo! website. Find our about the weather, the culture, the currency, and maybe a few useful phrases! Your parents can look up other families’ real tips, like what clothes to bring or what things avoid. And you can select from a list of family-friendly hotels.

DURING the trip, you can be ‘in charge’ by using you kidsGo! guidebook every day to make great suggestions to suit your family’s mood and wishes. What’s better than knowing that the restaurant you’ve picked will actually be good? Or that the adventure park you’re headed for has just the ride you’ve been wanting to try?

And the best part is, AFTER you come home you can immediately share your travel memories! You can post your best photos, artwork, short videos or writing online in each destination’s Kids Go & Show page.





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