Helvetica: The Smell of Nothing

Helvetica_Promo_10How do you encapsulate the scent of modernism? How do you bottle a point of view? A provocative perfume aims to answer these odouress issues; meet Helvetica The Perfume. A ground breaking font at its conception, Helvetica was envisaged as a completely neutral expression of the Modernist movement. Helvetica The Perfume kept this design expression at its creative core, creating a scent distilled down to the most essential elements. Conceived by Faun Chapin and Megan Paradise, the founders of branding agency Guts and Glory, this perfume’s redolent ruse pokes fun at branding while celebrating the beauty in packaging design. Each bottle is printed in 24k gold inks and is part of a numbered limited edition. Currently in stock at Konzepp and online, Helvetica The Perfume is the perfect perfume for any design deviant.

Helvetica Eraser Square HR 01

Helvetica Writer Square HR 01



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