Hard Graft: Artisanal Craftmanship meets Contemporary Aesthetics


Artisanal craftmanship meets and falls deeply in love with contemporary aesthetics at Hard Graft. Priding itself on using traditional techniques to master high-quality leather, the London-based accessories brand offers a wide-range of luscious leather goods. Founded in 2007 by a duo of designers, monie.ka and James Teal, Hard Graft was conceived in Australia and raised in London. Hard Graft offers five distint colour coded collections; classic tan leather, steel coloured neutral, azure themed ocean, subtle grey coloured field and bold black atelier. Currently in stock at Konzepp and also online, whether you’re looking for satchels, travel bags, headphone cases or smartphone coves, there’s something for every leather lover here.





Dopp-Kit- spacious washbag

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