A.J.L Madhouse: Punk Prints


A.J.L Madhouse is a diffusion line from award-winning Danish fashion designer Asger Juel Larsen. Larsen’s urban-streetwear style sees collections full of confident and experimental digital prints, especially with the edgy A.J.L Madhouse line. The unisex brand is non-season based, and is full of sweaters, t-shirts, track suits, leggings, back packs and jewellery, A fresh punk look runs through the collections, as Larsen plays with different textures and materials. Larsen recently won the internationally renowned International Woolmark Prize In the European Menswear sector, bringing his underground-chic look to an even wider audience. Currently the brand is stocked at Konzepp in Hong Kong and in stores around the world from Seoul to Silkeborg and from London to Los Angeles.





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